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Hi! This is a group for everyone and anyone who loves visual novel games. It's still a fledgling group, so expect more revisions and additions in the future.

What's a visual novel?
A VN (sometimes called ADV, or adventure) is a text-based game. It's basically a novel with pretty CG art and amazing seiyuu voice actors who read the lines for the characters.

There are published VNs for PC/PS2/PSP/DS/etc. as well as doujin VNs based on fandom. Original VNs are also produced.


Who is this club for?
-Anyone who likes VNs.
-Anyone who is making a VN.

What is this club NOT for?
-Any art that is a blatant copy/trace of an existing artwork.
-Fanart of random anime/manga/etc. unrelated to VNs. Anime/manga based off of VNs are okay. (This doesn't go the other way, because if it did, we'd include ALL fandom, which is not the point of this club!)
-Getting popular. Please do not spam your entire gallery to "get more exposure." That is not the purpose of this club!
-Trolls and drama-makers.

So, how do I join as a member?
This group now has open membership. Simply click the join button above!

How do I contribute art to the group?
Please take a look at the guidelines here!


-Monthly featured VNs?
-User VN creation tool introductions?
-Amazing VN reviews?
-Japanese translation/help/commonly used phrases?

Note the group! ^___^


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Random from Favourites


Hey guys! Remember me? You know, that girl who used to write a lot before suddenly disappearing off of the face of the planet? Yeah probably not...I haven’t written anything or made any contributions to this group because of life.  I really haven’t been able to play much VNs either, and the ones that I did play were either really short to leave an impression or I simply wasn't able to finish it.  Sangoku Rensenki is an otome that I've played recently and probably a game that I've completed since Love Revo, so I promised myself that I’d write a review of it….so here it is.

Disclaimer: This is a highly unprofessional review that is pretty much just a senseless rambling of personal opinions. Read at your own risk.

The first question is..where do I start? I've actually finished playing the game a while ago, but I kept putting off writing the review because it’s just really hectic trying to translate everything into English, because it deals with ancient Chinese history (not all accurate, specifics on that later ).  It’s like do I write the terms in Chinese or should I look up their Japanese romajis? I feel the latter part is more appropriate since it is a Japanese game, but it’s just...hard to find proper translations to all the terminologies.  I’m probably going to skip them unless it’s crucial, so apologies beforehand.


Sangoku Rensenki : Otome no Heihou is an otome game by Daisy2 (Daisy-daisy ).  The game is first released in 2010 on the PC platform.  It is then ported to PS2, PSP and PS Vita in the following years.  There is also a fandisk released in 2012 on PC and PSP. (VNDB link )

Those who are familiar with the word Sangoku would know this game is related to the Three Kindgoms period in China.  Specifically, this game is based on the classic novel, Romance of the Three Kindom (NOT the actual history ).  Most of the famous figures who appeared in the novel appear in this game as romance interests.  There are 10 pursuable guys in total, unevenly divided into the 3 prominent armies that would eventually found the 3 kingdoms.  First playthrough took me about 7 hours to finish, and the consequent ones take about 2-4 hours depending on which route you are on. So in total, this game is quite large, and with a large pool of characters to choose from, I get the sense that this game tries to appeal to everyone (in the otome community anyway ).

You play a girl named Hana Yamada, a regular high school girl.  Because of a school project, you are researching the topic of Three Kindoms in the library with two of your other friends.  You find a strange book and, upon reading the first few pages and taking a what seems to be a personality quiz, you are brought to the actual Three Kindoms period by the book.  Landing in an unfamiliar forest, you are greeted by a mysterious voice.  The voice then proceeds to tell you to go and meet a man named Gentoku under the title of Koumei’s disciple, and he will decide your fate in this world.
Whether you choose to believe this voice or not, you eventually meet up with Gentoku, and is invited to stay with him as a guest. The book that transported you to this world now has a lot of blank pages to fill, and you learn that your actions are recorded into the book’s pages.  In order to return home, you assume that you must fill all pages of the book, but your decision could change this world’s history.

(Is that a good summary? I hope that’s a good summary. Here’s probably a better summary if you are confused. )


The story follows the novel’s story closely, with minor changes depending on the route and of course, Hana’s actions. For those unfamiliar with Romance of the Three Kinddoms, you can check up the wiki article about it. 8D /hit   I’ll be sure to put down the Chinese pronunciation of the character names so it’s not as confusing.  Hana lands in an era where the three promiment forces are only beginning to form, and the country is still sort of united under the Han dynasty.  Because of her initial wish and the personality quiz that she took, she has a chance to participate a lot of the famous battles described in the novel and witness the outcomes.  With the help of the book, she is able to wish for tactics to aid the army she sides with, and the book tries to fulfill her desires, consequently changing some of the battle outcomes. While actual history is solid and in the past, in this game, it’s possible for the 3 armies to co-exist in harmony if the player chooses that path. It’s kind of laughable, but at the same time, one can’t help but to wonder if it was possible if the right decisions were made back then.

The first half of the game is the common route, where Hana gains experience with all 3 armies and major characters.  Then, depending on her decision, the routes split in the latter half of the game, starting with player being prompted to make a choice---return to the real world or stay for various reasons.  If she returns to the world, the game ends.  If she chooses to stay, she is transported back to a time even earlier than the rise of the 3 armies, where she has a chance to learn more about various characters’ past.  Some of the characters have longer routes than others, and some have better romance than others. In the end, if Hana decides to stay with the guy she’s in love with, the book disappears, and she’s stuck in this world until she dies. The classic scenario of abandoning everything you have for love, but there are people speculating if all’s actually lost. The whole deal with the book is more in-depth, and this secret is only revealed in one of the character’s route--I’ll explain in the character section.


One thing to note is that though a typical VN, the game does have a quiz system where the player is asked several questions in a row to sort out any tactics Hana comes up with with the help of the book.  The player is provided with a quick summary of the tactic, and have to make the correct choices in the quiz sessions to convince others of how it works.  Answering too many questions wrong typically leads to premature bad ends.  I was heavily intrigued by this system during my first playthrough because for once I actually had to think instead of just doing random guesses. For those who like to have something else more than sweets and romance, I’d urge you to not follow the walkthrough and try to come up with answers by yourself. I was able to understand each tactic so much better, and sometimes I forget I’m playing an otome game….admittedly though, since all the choices stay the same, it gets redundant and loses its brain-stimulating effect after the first playthrough (especially when choices made are highlighted in a different color ).

For others, this quiz system may be annoying because it’s not crucial to the romance (you still get mass affection points for succeeding though ), and other choices tend to be confusing.  At times, you may need to backtrack several choices to be sure you can enter a certain character’s route.  It’s not as simple as one-choice deal, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on player’s tastes.

The game also contains extra dialogues on every character’s routes that encourages player to play each route twice.  It may sound ridiculous to do so, but I honestly did for some of the characters that I like >>


Like I said previously, the game tries to appeal to everyone, so all the characters are diverse and interesting.  Unfortunately, the length to each character’s story varies drastically, and you get the feeling that some of them are just there simply for the sake of filling in numbers. Regardless, just because their routes are short doesn’t mean the characters are not likable--it only makes the romance feel more rushed.

Some notes in terms of order:

You must play Koukin’s route to unlock Souan’s route.
You must play normal route to unlock Koumei’s route.
If you don’t want to be spoiled, play Unchou’s route last.
If you don’t want to feel horrible and lose motivation to go after other characters, play Koumei’s route last.

The order that I played in (as far as I can remember ):

Gentoku > Moutoku > Koukin > Bunjaku > Chuubou > Normal > Koumei > Unchou > everyone else (because I wasn’t interested in them _(:3 )

For the sake of better organization though, I’ll talk about each character in the order of army they belong in.

Spoilers below.

Hana: The ordinary girl with an ordinary look and an ordinary name.  Hana normal that it makes her incredible in the game. I’ve played so many otome games, and Hana stands out as one of the really awesome otome game protagonists. What sets her apart from the rest of the girls is that she is in no way stupid. Sure, she had to rely on the book to tell her ways to win a battle at the beginning...sure, she had doubts in herself and felt depressed for being useless.  But she learns, she grows and she simply shines as the game progresses.  At one point, she is able to come up with tactics without the help of the book, and she is able to even force the 3 armies into a peace treaty in the normal route with the right decisions. She may not be strong physically, she may get scared seeing dead people on the battle field, but she’s smart, and she is able to use her intelligence to fight despite not being confident.  She knows that nothing can be done by sitting and sulking, and all her actions are being well thought out. For a girl who’s been brought up in a normal than normal family setting, her potential is extraordinary.  

In terms of romance, Hana is also not your typical I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU type of girl. For many times, she’s the one making sacrifices/willing to make sacrifices for the one she loves. When the couple is in a bad situation, she doesn’t just sit and wait for her love to rescue her.  She thinks, she comes up with ways to remedy the situation first. And this is just...a really rare sight in otome games nowadays (looks to all the REJECT games >_> ).

Needless to say, Hana is one of my favorite otome game protagonists, and arguably my favorite character in this game.

Gentoku (Liu Bei): Gentoku is the first guy Hana meets (beside Koumei who refused to show his face ).  He and his two sidekicks saves Hana from a rampaging boar and invites her to  his little town without much questioning.  It’s very easy to be swayed by Gentoku, because he is kind, gentle, mature and highly trusting.  For Hana who’s lost in an unfamiliar world, Gentoku provides all the support she needs. Gentoku is the big brother figure in the game, and I keep feeling guilty for friendzoning him in all other routes.  He is, however, probably better off being a big brother figure than a lover.  Being the leader of one of the 3 armies, he shoulders a lot of responsibilities.  The fact that his army is the weakest compared to the other two is of no help either.  Even on his romance route, he probably values his personal goals and codes more than Hana, and because of this very fact, he is reluctant to admit his feelings.  The feeling that I got from his route is that he is a really, really admirable man, and a very manly man at that.  For me, I’m satisfied with what he can bring, seeing he’s someone Hana can probably depend and have a shoulder to lean on, but it might not be enough for others who desire a guy who’d sacrifice the world for her.

Unchou (Guan Yu): Unchou is the serious and cool second in command (not sure about the ranking, but he’s mostly in charge of money management in terms of domestics out of the trio ).  His route contains heavy spoilers to how and why Hana is sucked into this world. Hana finds that he’s rather gloomy, and on his route she finds the reason for it.  Unchou is just like Hana, someone who got sucked into this world by the book. His original name is Nagaoka Kousei, an ordinary high school student. When he took the personality quiz, he got Unchou, and eventually meets the real Unchou when he enters the world. The real Unchou is killed and his book is destroyed in midst of a bloody revolt and as a result, Nagaoka is stuck inside of this world, replacing Unchou as a character in the story. Each time he is killed according to the book’s history, he finds himself sent back in time, and this process has repeated itself 3 times before Hana appeared. In his route, Hana has to figure out a way to get both of them to return to the real world, at the same time convincing Nagaoka to be willing to return, as he has been avoiding his real life situation all this time.

The Unchou front he puts up is no more than a facade, as players find out.  Nagaoka is quite a coward in reality.  Born in a family of talented individuals, his lack of talent makes him the target of his parents scoldings and disappointments. He may say he was forced into this book, but in reality, he wishes to stay, and his lack of desire to return causes him to repeat his life in the world inside of the book. Someone wise has accurately described the book as nothing more than a gaming console, and the world they are placed in is nothing more than a simulation game: Hana’s personality quiz results in her being a tactician, and her desire to witness all the famous battles of the era causes her to enter the world.  When her wish if witnessing these battles are fulfilled, the book would send her back, unless she wishes to stay (as the choice is given for all routes ).  Unchou gives the excuse that he cannot return to the real world because his book was destroyed.  But this is not the actual reason---it’s his desire to not return that has tied him to the world, otherwise he would have been returned to the real world once he dies. If Hana can convince him to return, the two would return to the real world but without memories of each other.  In the end, Nagaoka is transferred to Hana’s class, and the two are reunited.

Unchou’s personality and romance isn’t as impressive as the plot, as revealing the secret is probably the main focus of his path.  The good thing is that his route is the only one where HAna returns to the real world and is still able to be with the guy she loves (might take some time but ), so this is probably the best choice for Hana as she doesn’t lose anything.

Yokutoku (Zhang Fei): Yokutoku is a big teddy bear who’s all physical strength and not very intelligent (there are people who are disappointed by this, because the historical Zhang Fei was actually quite intelligent and less rough looking ).  For the most of his route, he drags Hana around searching for food.  Battle tomorrow? Let’s eat first.  Troubles? Need to fill stomach first.  Complicated problems? Can’t solve without food. He’s adorable to be around, though he feels more like a big pet than a lover.  This guy does have a dark side though when he’s drunk, where he reverts to a more rough and cynical personality.  He explains that this is the result of hanging out with the wrong crowd during his earlier ages and before he meets Gentoku.  As a poor kid growing up in a bad neighborhood, he has developed this personality to protect himself.  In the end, he’s still just a big baby, afraid of getting hurt even though he’s physically strong.

Shiryuu (Zhao Yun): The famous pretty boy in other Sangoku related merchandises returns being a pretty…...shota. Serious and loyal to a fault, he puts Hana to shame when they first met, because she thought he was so much capable even though they are the same age. Shota’s never been my thing, so I wasn’t really interested in his route.  His romance experience is absolutely zero, and gets easily embarrassed during awkward scenarios. Shiryuu’s route can be summarized as him learning about romance and learning how to be a sensible human being himself, as he had been trained as a soldier, a mindless loyal one who’d do anything for the leader ( in this case Gentoku ).  Hana’s presence confuses and frustrates him, as some of her ideals differ from Gentoku’s. He warms up to Hana very slowly, and is quite oblivious to his own feelings until the end, where he realizes that he desires to protect Hana probably more than anything else.

Koumei (Zhu Ge Liang ): The mysterious figure who tells Hana to find Gentoku is no other than the famous tactician Koumei, whose route cannot be unlocked until Hana travels back in time all by herself, where she meets a little Koumei, saves him and guides him to become the great man that he would be years later.  In a time paradox, when she returns to present time, the Koumei that she met already knew her from the past. On second playthrough, Koumei’s route begins when she returns, only to find out that the little kid she had a few conversation with had kept his promise and worked hard and, ironically, became her teacher. To Koumei, Hana was his first and only love, for she was the light that guided him when he was lost. At the same time though, he believed she was unobtainable, because he knew she was not from this world. Under this belief, he closed himself off and put a wall against Hana. Unfortunately, this also made him unperceptive of Hana’s feelings toward him.  Instead of urging her to stay, he voluntarily opened the book at the end to send her home.  Of course, it didn’t work out because Hana already desired to stay with him.

Fyi, Koumei’s the most popular character in the game as presented by character ranking. The fact that he had loved Hana all this time and is willing to let her go for the sake of her happiness has touched a lot of people.  For me though, I find his assumption more frustrating than anything else.  Koumei is a genius when it comes to everything else, and he knows it.  That’s why he trusts his intuition so much that he has never bothered to know how Hana feels.  Sure, his love for her is great, but at the same time, it’s just a one-sided love, a bothersome feeling already deemed impossible. This is a classic case of really smart people doing stupid things imo, and despite how touching the ending is, I can’t say I like this route as much as I’d like to.

(Also because of his looks. I mean, why the shota face? Especially coupled with Tomokazu Sugita’s super manly deep voice??!? )

Moutoku (Cao Cao ): Moutoku is my favorite character /o/ (Toa your ossan fetish is showing)

Beside being the oldest, Moutoku also has the longest route in the entire game. At the beginning of the game, Hana is asked which type of guy she likes.  If the player chooses “an older guy who likes to spoil me”, then you have a good start for Moutoku’s route.
A powerful and villainous man as described by people from other armies, Moutoku’s the current Prime Minister and leads the most powerful army out of the 3. Rumor goes that he is greedy for power, and the current emperor is simply one of his pawns to eventually ruling the entire nation. Needless to say, when his name is first introduced, Hana is left with the impression that this man is just down right evil, and when she first witnessed him on battlefield, she was greatly intimidated by his cold demeanor from afar while he ordered his army to rain arrows upon civilians. Gentoku was right about this man, and he is no doubt the enemy.

That is, until she met him in person.

To stop Moutoku’s army from catching up to Gentoku in the middle of a retreat, Yokutoku voluntarily stayed behind to slow down the army’s advance.  Worried about Yokutoku, Hana left the group to check up on him. When Yokutoku tries to destroy the bridge between him and the ominous army, Hana prevents it, telling Yokutoku it’s better to leave the bridge intact so the army can be tricked into believing that it’s a trap. The tactics worked partially: the army stopped moving, but the two are greeted with countless arrows instead.  In chaos, Hana’s horse was shot with arrows and threw her into the river.  By the time she woke up, she found herself a hostage in Moutoku’s army, and found herself in front of Moutoku himself, who looked…...nothing like the formidable man she saw on the battlefield the other day.

No like seriously what is up with your face Moutoku what happened to all your coolness .___.

Despite her earlier impressions, Hana is surprised to find Moutoku a cheerful and friendly guy (at the same time a ladykiller woooo ).  He treats Hana with well courtesy and manners, and she can’t help but to find herself enjoying his company.  Nevertheless, she knows this man is incredibly dangerous, but she doesn’t find out just how perceptive he can be until much later. For this reason, she is reluctant to trust him, but is forced to stay because Moutoku has hijacked her book. By staying in his army, Hana experiences the different side of the coin, and realizes that Moutoku isn’t evil--he simply has a different belief from Gentoku and Chuubou.

Moutoku’s romance path focuses on the issue of trust.  In the novel, and historically to some extent, Cao Cao is described as someone with trust issues.  Because of earlier betrayals that nearly costed his life, Moutoku has sworn to never trust anyone.  He can see through everyone’s lies, and knows that Hana has been constantly lying to him. Yet, he promises to Hana from the moment they spoke to each other that he’d never lie to her--and heartbreakingly, he has kept this promise throughout the entire game. Unfortunately, Hana doesn’t trust him either, and obviously did not believe his promises or the multiple confessions he makes.  Love without trust is extremely fragile, and when Hana’s precious book is destroyed in a fire, she placed doubt in Moutoku, brushing aside the fact that he has indirectly told her that he wasn’t the culprit. It was only until after seeing Moutoku exploding full of hurt did she become curious of the reason behind all of his actions...and when she did, she strived to amend their relationship and tried to make it work.

Moutoku’s route is a roller-coaster of emotions. It’s extremely sweet at first, then falls to an abysmal amount of hurt, and climbs back up to a relieving happy ending. The reason I like his route the most is majorly due to the characters.  Moutoku aside, Hana’s struggle to deal with the whole thing is admirable: she wants to know him, and refuses to trust him blindly.  In most Otome games, if the player chooses to believe in the guy no matter what, it would lead to a love conquers all happy ending.  But it’s not the case here. She wants to trust him and is willing to do so, but not without him trusting her back first. She makes great sacrifices with great courage and intelligence, because she knows making Moutoku trust her takes great effort and much more than crying and begging and blind support. The girl shines brightly in this route--she presents the fact that only a great woman can match a great man like Moutoku.

Bunjaku (Xun Yu):
“Bunjaku, can you not talk to people with your eyes closed?”
“My eyes are wide open, sir.”

Forgive me, Bunjaku’s supposedly a tragic character who ends up dying if the player is on certain characters’ paths, but his own route is just hilarious to me. The little sadness at the end is largely undermined by all the daily banterings between him, Hana, and a jerkhead Moutoku. RIP the supposedly most beautiful man in the history of the Three kingdoms, here he’s reduced to essentially a comical relief to me. YvY;; (Don’t get me wrong, he is very pretty in certain CGs, but he’s lmao )

You know how certain people are so serious that their words sound ridiculously silly at times? Bunjaku is one of those people.  He is like Shiryuu, loyal to the Han dynasty to a fault and is extremely dedicated to his job.  Unfortunately, his boss is Moutoku, who tries at every single opportunity to piss Bunjaku off.  Bunjaku’s route made me laugh so many times, it’s a shame that it’s so short though, and the romance ends up being kind of meh.  I think I preferred him having headaches over Hana and Moutoku’s multiple mishaps than him going all lovey-dovy with her.  He is also one of the few characters who can’t physically fight in the game, and is just really nerdy, to the point that he gets made fun of by people around him (yes Hana included ).

On a serious side, his route revolves the rumor of Moutoku taking over the throne. Conflicted with who he should side with, Bunjaku’s put on so much pressure that he’d usually kill himself in some of the other people’s routes.  Hana reads in the book that this is going to happen, and tries to stop him, at the same time resolving the dispute between him and Moutoku.

Chuubou (Sun Quan ):  Woot! I’m finally on the last group of characters! Wow this review is so long o<-<

Chuubou, leader of the Sun family that rules over a major part of southern China, is a tsundere. A princely, ore-sama tsundere to be precise.  He’s got a huge fanbase (both in game and player-wise), and he’s a great ruler and will be a great ruler because he’s got the ambition and charisma.  His romance though….I’ve grown old so I’m not head over heels over his route, but I can see why it’s attracted so many fans.

Hana’s original impression of Chuubou is that he’s rude and mean and thus intimidating.  She is then told that Chuubou doesn’t really mean it when he acts mean, and things go downhill from there. Taking off his arrogant and princely attitude, he’s still very much a kid (a year younger than  Hana, in fact, much to his dismay ), and acts like a spoiled brat. But of course, this is all acts, because Hana would find out that Chuubou possesses great wisdom and is very strict on himself. After the death of his older brother, Chuubou inherits the power to lead his people.  He strives to be like his older brother, and tries to finish what his older brother wanted to do, which was to unite China under Sun’s name. However, as he spends time with Hana, he is reminded that he is, in fact, not his older brother, and that he has his own thoughts and definitely his own outlooks on things. Eventually, he is able to grow out of his older brother’s shadow and decide that rather than taking over the world, he’d rather just protect his own people and make sure they are happy.

I think Chuubou’s growth is something a lot of people can appreciate, especially younger people who are in the middle of deciding if they want to follow a path made for them, or carve out a path on their own. His route is both cute and inspiring, and is definitely one should try for if given the opportunity.

(A wise person once compared Chuubou’s route to a typical Korean rich boy drama, I find this to be highly appropriate lmao )

Koukin (Zhou Yu): Don’t let his smiling face fool you.  This guy’s a yandere.

Every otome game has a character who’s involved in a deep bromance with another guy.  Koukin is that character in this game.  He is also another tragic character who dies if you are on another person’s route.  Unlike Bunjaku, I’m pretty sure he dies in every other routes….his route is bittersweet though, filled with plenty of angst and cuteness at the same time.  It’s quite satisfying once you reach the end, but just be prepared for a lot of “YOU REMIND ME OF MY DEAD BRO” scenes. (Well, it’s the reason why he likes Hana anyway )

As previously said in Chuubou’s route that he had an older brother.  This man was best friends with Koukin, and since his death, Koukin had blamed himself for it. The reason was “I had a dispute with him and he went off on his own so he was killed, I regret having that dispute with him”. As the result, Koukin strives to achieve his goal, except unlike Chuubou who’s more rational, he doesn’t care about anything else other than the achievement. Koukin would resort to all kinds of dirty business to stir up a war and push Sun family’s victory. His plans usually fail and result in him passing away with a bad arrow wound, except on his own route, where Goddess Hana attempts to save him and pull him out of his heavy guilt.

Personality wise, Koukin’s the type of person who always looks nice and gentle to the point that it’s creepy.  You never know what he’s thinking, and when you come close to it, he starts acting really cold and mean. Always speaking in formal tones, he doesn’t really treat anyone as respectable human beings other than maybe Chuubou.  Koukin’s the villian in both Chuubou and Souan’s routes, and it’s so easy for people to dislike him because he’s such a heartless prick.  But this type of character is always fun to go after, because underneath all that assholeness, Koukin’s actually quite adorable with his flares of jealousy and tsun.

Souan (Sun Lang): Souan is a hidden character that gets unlocked once player finishes Koukin’s route. He’s a shota looking character like Shiryuu.  I think I like him a bit more than Shiryuu, but unfortunately his route suffers from being too short, so the romance feels really rushed and the character’s left being a bit shallow.

Souan is one of Koukin’s pawns in his ugly scheme of breaking the peace treaty between Gentoku and Chuubou. He’s an illegitimate child of the Sun family, and thus not allowed to carry Sun’s name. As a result, he’s picked up by Koukin when he was a child and is trained to becoming an assassin.  Hana meets him briefly during her stay with Koukin as they were battling Moutoku’s army.  Choosing being curious about him would place player on his route.  I’m a bit baffled by why Hana’s suddenly worried about Souan who’s essentially a stranger their romance really didn’t click for me.

Despite being shota, Souan has a mature, if not dark, mentality. He is essentially brainwashed by Koukin into believing that his life is worthless and only by completing missions can he redeem himself and have a purpose to live. Hana’s intrusion to his life gives him another reason to live, as she tells him no human being’s worthless.  He is then reminded of his mother’s words, and eventually decides to break from Koukin’s schemes and live on as an honest and proud individual.

Rather than feeling for him, I feel really bad for Koukin in this route, as this is the only route where Koukin’s being punished for his deeds on top of him already dying. ;;

AND THATS ALL THE IMPORTANT CHARACTERS god there’s so many I’m so done. Last but not least, a personal favorite ranking:

Moutoku = Hana > Koukin > Gentoku > Bunjaku > Chuubou > Koumei > everyone else

Art + Sound: Grouping these together because these are not that impressive.  Yes, I said the art isn’t that impressive even though this is an otome game.  While some of the CGs are super pretty, others are just...not that great.  Aside from quality, some of the character designs are really weird (like Koumei and Moutoku’s hair ).  There are also cases where the sprite character look like a completely different person from the character in a CG (it’s okay I can understand that since I do the same YvY; ), giving a really unstable vibe in terms of presentation. On the other hand, the backgrounds are amazing, but that might not be a good thing since it makes some of the bad sprites stand out even more.

Sound’s not that bad, and appropriate to the game’s theme.  The only thing that annoys me is the repetitive tone when I’m in a quiz session. Maybe because I took so long trying to think up on answers, the music got stuck in my head.  I’m fine with everything else.  The OP was a bit weird but acceptable, and the ED was quite lovely.


Out of all the otome games I’ve played, Sangoku Rensenki’s definitely on top of the list.  I’d honestly recommend it to people who are interested in this sort of game.  Unfortunately though, the chance of it being translated is probably very slim...because of all the terminologies (which I actually managed to avoid ahaha ).

Story: 8/10, true to the novel’s plot and character design, in depth worldscape that require much thought to piece together.
Character: 9/10, intelligent female protagonist, strong character development for certain characters, interesting characters overall. -1 for a few rushed paths.
Gameplay: 7/10, first playthrough is stimulating and engaging. Latter playthroughs tend to be a chore though.
Graphics: 5/10, not exactly on par with most modern otome game expectations, extremely unstable art quality...but I suppose I can live with it.
Sound: 6/10, true to the theme, but nothing extraordinary.

For those who are interested in a much more in depth route summary, check up on the blog here.
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Essentially these sessions will consist of me brainstorming and showing you idea points that I will later evolve, off screen, into detailed game mechanics (can't spoil the game completely). I think it could be a really fun, interactive, and educational experience. Let me know what you guys think!

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I'm really close to finishing, I only need character images. If anyone is willing to help, please, send me a note!
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