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Hi! This is a group for everyone and anyone who loves visual novel games. It's still a fledgling group, so expect more revisions and additions in the future.

What's a visual novel?
A VN (sometimes called ADV, or adventure) is a text-based game. It's basically a novel with pretty CG art and amazing seiyuu voice actors who read the lines for the characters.

There are published VNs for PC/PS2/PSP/DS/etc. as well as doujin VNs based on fandom. Original VNs are also produced.


Who is this club for?
-Anyone who likes VNs.
-Anyone who is making a VN.

What is this club NOT for?
-Any art that is a blatant copy/trace of an existing artwork.
-Fanart of random anime/manga/etc. unrelated to VNs. Anime/manga based off of VNs are okay. (This doesn't go the other way, because if it did, we'd include ALL fandom, which is not the point of this club!)
-Getting popular. Please do not spam your entire gallery to "get more exposure." That is not the purpose of this club!
-Trolls and drama-makers.

So, how do I join as a member?
This group now has open membership. Simply click the join button above!

How do I contribute art to the group?
Please take a look at the guidelines here!


-Monthly featured VNs?
-User VN creation tool introductions?
-Amazing VN reviews?
-Japanese translation/help/commonly used phrases?

Note the group! ^___^


* [Visual Novel Development Tools]
* [LIST: Published/Doujin VNs]
* [LIST: Original VNs by dA Users]
* [LIST: VN Blog Entries]


Random from Favourites


Company: LaCryma
Game Name: fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase
Genre: Eroge (R-18 content)
Time taken: Maybe 50 hours?
Language: Japanese, Youtube English Subs
Original company website:…
Where to watch it (in English):…
Year released: 2011 March (EXA version), 2012 June (EXS)
tl;dr: Don't waste your time on this.

Overall feelings to the game: Chuu-ni puke, mockery of laws and physics, please kill it with fire cringe-ness.

Plot + written dialogue: 3.5/10 - 2 = 1.5/10 . Perfectly boring and overly long (-2.5). Dialogue and plot direction is a terrible mess.

Graphics: 6.5/10. Reused graphics, no reasonable graphical improvement over fate/stay night. Shoddy character sprites. 1280 * 720 windows resolution.

System: 5.5/10. Cumbersome. While many VNs set their quick iconic buttons near the textbox, EXS doesn't show any of it and hides it in "mouse right click". I am unable to find the option to turn "effects" off.

Sound: 7.0/10 - 2 = 5.0/10 . There are 46 tracks. While that might appear to be quite long, these tracks are insufficient for a 50 hour long game, especially when they are not music that can be repeated over and over as they diminish listening values.

Characters: 1.5/10. What a mess. Exceedingly unlikable characters spouting chuuni lines every single time a battle starts.

Imagine having hot mashed potato for your dinner. Plain mashed potato that somehow has chunks of potato bits that weren't really mashed. Not only that, some parts of it aren't really cooked through. It has a bit of butter and salt in it, but the amount isn't enough to make it creamy and tasty enough.

Now imagine that there are 10 bowls worth of that mashed potato for your dinner. Can you finish them in 1 sitting? No? Alright, then these bowls of mashed potato will go into your fridge, and you will have them for your next meal. So now it's cold mashed potato for breakfast. Nom, nom.

What do you mean I still have 7 bowls left!?


fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase is a R18 game with H scenes released in 29/06/2012. Before that is fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier. And even before that is fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier (Version 1).

Now Version 1, which is the earliest version of the game, is released completely unvoiced. From what I read, it is incomplete or something, although I don't know what exactly is missing in that version. That special 18+ edition for Version 1 is an Ero book add on along with the game disc, if I'm not wrong.

Version 2 (EXA) is fully voiced version that came out of after a while, and as a rarity, even the protagonist is voiced (99% of the galge released don't have any male protagonist voiced), which is typically a great plus in my book, but the characters of fortissimo are unlikeable and the silliest I ever read. Unless the demographics are targetted at addicted chuunibyou people (secondary school syndrome people), I can't see this story as anything other than incredibly badly written fan-fiction that's trying to be sarcastic at tropes involving fate/stay night/11 eyes.

Version 3 (EXS), is the third version that came out after EXA, adds a few more characters along with H scenes (you won't see it in the youtube videos, of course.), but this new addon makes me gets down on all four, banging the ground with my fist and yelling, "Why! Why! Why do you torture me! Please, someone, help me get away from this massive mess!" (chuuni level goes even higher here).

Why so many versions? I have no idea. Maybe to milk money out of fans?

Perhaps it's because I watched enough documentary stuff to know that you can't really move faster at the speed of light. If there's something that moves faster than that, it would be quantum or tachyon. So everytime I see in the VN, "oh wow it's moving 9 times faster than the speed of light!", "lol character ABC can move faster than light!" (you can't even see character abc move faster than light, typically because there's nothing to process without light information) I roll my eyes because I'm not even sure how to describe my disdain and disbelief of such nonsense.

It's so chuuni and delusional that I couldn't help myself but feel sad reading it. This isn't something remotely close to Toaru index, because at least that series treat itself with dignity and plausibility.

Fortissimo is a mockery of science and the reader's intelligence. What does "determination" or "emotional" feelings have to do in fights? Can I assign some quantifiable score of power rating? E=MC2, Energy = My Chuu Ni?

My resolve > yours, so you lose! Yay!

Face palm is what that is.

Half of the game's characters end up as flat 2D characters, simply because there isn't any character development. And no, a character severing someone's guilt with a frigging sword, doesn't count as character development. A ridiculous VN in almost every sense and only for chuu ni addicts. What a terrible waste of words.

And to top it off, all of these characters are plain unlikeable. All of them! Oh my god. This chuuni sickness dialogue have made all of them into a farce. I just can't complain enough about this terrible VN's dialogue.

Well there you have it. I'm really amazed by the dedication by the guy who bothered subbing everything, but this is truly depressing to read. Just when I think my cynical levels couldn't go any higher, there's another VN that takes it to another level.


Here comes another kickstarter from Sekaiproject. It has been going on for quite some time already, but I was holding onto this for a while because there are some issues on the R18 and all-ages version issues. I still don't know whether it's a R18 or all-ages on kickstarter or what version it is going to be at the end, so if you do get this VN, please keep that in mind.

What I do know is some dakimakura bedsheet (probably R18 in nature) and pillow cases were removed as per kickstarter rules (of which sekaiproject is going to use another project funder in the future as stated by their twitter).…

If you read my review about this visual novel, note that I am less than impressed with the first novel. The interesting bits about this novel are pretty good, but the other sections are less than interesting.
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greetings, Enjeru.
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Hey peeps!

My friends are creating a really fantastic sci fi visual novel called Orion. The art is absolutely fantastic! But it won't get made unless their kickstarter gets funded and they are three days away from the deadline!!! Please check it out and if you like what you see, contribute! Thank you very much! Here is a link to the kickstarter page and the demo…
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