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Hi! This is a group for everyone and anyone who loves visual novel games. It's still a fledgling group, so expect more revisions and additions in the future.

What's a visual novel?
A VN (sometimes called ADV, or adventure) is a text-based game. It's basically a novel with pretty CG art and amazing seiyuu voice actors who read the lines for the characters.

There are published VNs for PC/PS2/PSP/DS/etc. as well as doujin VNs based on fandom. Original VNs are also produced.


Who is this club for?
-Anyone who likes VNs.
-Anyone who is making a VN.

What is this club NOT for?
-Any art that is a blatant copy/trace of an existing artwork.
-Fanart of random anime/manga/etc. unrelated to VNs. Anime/manga based off of VNs are okay. (This doesn't go the other way, because if it did, we'd include ALL fandom, which is not the point of this club!)
-Getting popular. Please do not spam your entire gallery to "get more exposure." That is not the purpose of this club!
-Trolls and drama-makers.

So, how do I join as a member?
This group now has open membership. Simply click the join button above!

How do I contribute art to the group?
Please take a look at the guidelines here!


-Monthly featured VNs?
-User VN creation tool introductions?
-Amazing VN reviews?
-Japanese translation/help/commonly used phrases?

Note the group! ^___^


* [Visual Novel Development Tools]
* [LIST: Published/Doujin VNs]
* [LIST: Original VNs by dA Users]
* [LIST: VN Blog Entries]


Random from Favourites


Company: Spike Chunsoft
Game Name: Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen
Medium used: PPSSPP emulator (NOT psp vita)
Genre: Horror/Puzzle/Mystery
Time taken: 15+ hours
Language: Japanese/Chinese (patched)/English (official/Dubbed)/Traditional Chinese (official)
English company website:…
Amazon link: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair - PlayStation Vita

Edit: For those people who are interested in this game and has a PS VITA TV (READ: PS VITA TV - a specific Vita version only available in Japan and a few select Asian countries, US gets this version as the titular PLAYSTATION TV launched in October 2014), the NA Danganronpa is not compatible with the PS VITA TV (but might be compatible with the PLAYSTATION TV).

What is PS VITA TV? It is a super mini console like a PS3 or PS4 that allows you to play majority of the Vita titles via connecting to a TV. It is not the PS Vita which has its own OLED screen + sound output. PS VITA TV requires you to output video/sound via HDMI (as far I can tell there is no audio jack output), and there isn't a screen/speakers on it.

Amazon link to US playstation TV: PlayStation TV
Extra notes: PS VITA TV is not fully compatible with all Vita game titles that specifically make use of special things like the vita cameras or other hardware specific things. As far as I know, if one tries to purchase something digitally, there will be a warning that the game is incompatible. Physical games should have a label that it will be compatible with Playstation TV. However, this is just what I have gathered from various internet sources, it is best for you to do your own research and confirm things.

This edited portion will be updated again if NA danganronpa is updated to work on PS Vita TV/Playstation TV (one of the reasons why I'm not getting the PS VITA TV yet.)

Overall feelings to the game: XXX is a scary bat-shi* insane charismatic antagonist who scares me even more than Monokuma (A bear that talks.). YYY is a cute girl-gamer (There are girl gamers? It must be a lie!) and this game is a worthy sequel to Danganronpa 1 and a must have for all VN lovers. See… for Danganronpa 1 review.

Plot + Written Dialogue: 4.75/5 for plot, 5/5 written dialogue. This game is just as impressive if not better than Danganronpa 1. If you think kyuubey is scary, wait till you see XXX.

Graphics: 9.5/10 - The visual presentation during the murders trials is incredible. Despite my annoyance with the gameplay, the text presentation rotates/enlarges/various effects everywhere, making me ask myself how much effort is needed to code and present it. Island number 5's art shows me how adorable (lie.) Monokuma is when he bangs on the table with upclose facial shot.

Sound: 9.8/10 - I played this both on my PC and handphone. It's one of those times where I wish every line was voiced.

Characters: 9.0/10 - This game has an even more distinct crew of 16. Their quirks and depth are finely depicted, their emotional investments even higher. Characters I don't wish to see dying end up dying, increasing my lament over how absolutely horrifying this game is.

Game introduction -

Dangaronpa 2. ダンガンロンパ 2. 弾丸 (dangan) 論破 (ronpa) 2. Bullet refutation 2. I'm not sure if this has ever been mentioned, but the mechanics have you firing a bullet and breaking the enemy arguments, therefore creating the exact Dangan Ronpa 弾丸論破 sentiment.

Before I start the review, I would like to state that you don't need to play Danganronpa 1 to appreciate danganronpa 2, but I will highly caution players to play Danganronpa 1 first before playing the sequel. This is necessary because of the continuity in the game, and the impact of danganronpa 1 will be lessened if you play the sequel first.

The setting of Danganronpa 2 takes place in an island called Jabberwock island. This island is supposedly a place where many tourists visit for the beautiful attractions, but the 16 students + 1 Rabbit doll teacher are the only ones there. At first.

These 16 students possessing the names of "Ultimate High School" of their specialities (I.E Ultimate H.S Prep Student) find themselves without their high school memories, only memories before entering high school, and they quickly realize that fact due to Byakuya Togami (Ultimate scion).

The Rabbit Doll teacher Usami (Lit. Rabbit Ears), explains that they are on a school trip to develop friendship amongst each other. Once they have gotten enough fragments, they can leave the island.

The 16 Ultimate H.S grudgingly agrees to do so, and even started to enjoy things by playing on the beach, until Monokuma comes in and takes over the island. It then tells them the only way to leave the island is to kill someone and "graduate" if the other students are unable to find the culprit.

Overall presentation -

Taking away the gameplay (because it simply isn't a highlight), the sounds, the visuals, the writings, all of them combine to be the best artistic visual novel in my opinion. It might not be the best in each department, but the overall combination boosts it well enough to be a collection for gamers and a must have for visual novel readers.

The conclusion has less of an impact for me, as danganronpa 1 has genuinely stronger antagonist with a very specific goal, while danganronpa 2 has a less specific direction (the real mastermind who inserted monokuma into the game). There is very little foreshadowing and most players/readers won't be able to get it because you need to talk to specific characters during your free time (a gameplay mechanic where you talk to the characters).

That itself is a little unfortunate, because danganronpa 2 is a very polished game and deserves high marks, yet danganronpa's final conclusion/reveal between the protagonist and antagonist is one that is too brilliant, and danganronpa 2 is unable to surpass that.

It is also unfortunate that the visual design for danganronpa 2's protagonist during the finale ends up diminishing the grandness of it. It's mainly because of the color of the hair, I think. Well. Hmm. You know it reminds me too much of a particular anime...


There's really no need to state again how good this is. For additional information on the characters, you can wiki danganronpa characters as well as reading danganronpa tvtropes for further in-depth understanding of them.
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Redwind36 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hey peeps!

My friends are creating a really fantastic sci fi visual novel called Orion. The art is absolutely fantastic! But it won't get made unless their kickstarter gets funded and they are three days away from the deadline!!! Please check it out and if you like what you see, contribute! Thank you very much! Here is a link to the kickstarter page and the demo…
RinSigua Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I'm pretty new at DA, so i would like to ask...
where can i submit a novel manuscript here to show others my work...
XTremEive Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there!

I'm in the making of a visual novel and I'm currently looking for some artists who can draw characters and backgrounds. The project is rather small as the engine is home-brew. But don't underestimate the workload.

If I didn't scare you away yet, please send me a note. (And yes it's paid).
FrontierGai Featured By Owner Edited Aug 24, 2014
Hey Folks, 

I'll be doing some LSing of Live2D. A pretty neat animation tool. You can find it here:…

Feel free to stop by and check it out!
FrontierGai Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Hey Guys! I've been trying to come up with a way to both give sneak peeks at our upcoming Visual Novel AND showcase a live-streaming event. I decided to try and combine the two, without giving away TOO much information and host some Q&A to help those wanting to start or who have started a VN.

Essentially these sessions will consist of me brainstorming and showing you idea points that I will later evolve, off screen, into detailed game mechanics (can't spoil the game completely). I think it could be a really fun, interactive, and educational experience. Let me know what you guys think!

The only thing I'm kinda confused on now, where to livestream from, Youtube? Googlehangouts? Anyone got prefs?
FrontierGai Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Hey folks! Thanks for letting us join this group! I look forward to contributing and sharing whatever information I can! Our VN is currently in development but soon we'll be putting code and artwork together for some screenies and in-house demos.

If you guys need any advice or want to ask some questions regarding game development, I'll offer whatever information I can. (We're a first time developer so its not much advice :P (Lick))
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Loleifos Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
If anyone is making a visual novel, I'd love to do art. Feel free to contact me
Heartshackles Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Opinion question!

Do people enjoy playing long visual novels? Or would you rather have them short and sweet?

Thanks for replies!
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f-s-c Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Just a humble hobbyist story writer.
Please take care of me. m(_ _)m
zeenu20001 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
just read v1 to v2 ch 2 , it was utterly awesome. thanks for translating
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