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Hi! This is a group for everyone and anyone who loves visual novel games. It's still a fledgling group, so expect more revisions and additions in the future.

What's a visual novel?
A VN (sometimes called ADV, or adventure) is a text-based game. It's basically a novel with pretty CG art and amazing seiyuu voice actors who read the lines for the characters.

There are published VNs for PC/PS2/PSP/DS/etc. as well as doujin VNs based on fandom. Original VNs are also produced.


Who is this club for?
-Anyone who likes VNs.
-Anyone who is making a VN.

What is this club NOT for?
-Any art that is a blatant copy/trace of an existing artwork.
-Fanart of random anime/manga/etc. unrelated to VNs. Anime/manga based off of VNs are okay. (This doesn't go the other way, because if it did, we'd include ALL fandom, which is not the point of this club!)
-Getting popular. Please do not spam your entire gallery to "get more exposure." That is not the purpose of this club!
-Trolls and drama-makers.

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Random from Favourites



Well, this chapter seemed to be much longer for some reason. Besides the reason where I just finished playing Madou koukaku which took me 75+ hours (where I wanted to bang my head several times because of the god awful gameplay mechanics. The VN itself is okay, nothing special.), this one chapter clocked in at 1200 + lines. As usual, irresponsible non-edited stuff. I don't wanna sieve through 1200 lines  :(

Also there might be even more slowdown for a few days as I increase my Jap vocabulary through the comparing of chapters from Chinese to Jap. I'll see how it goes, but just don't expect anything.


Ch 4

3 years old.

Recently I finally got to know my parents' names.

Father's name was Paul Greyrait.
Mother's name was Janis Greyrait. (TL: I might have use Janice, but Janis seems to be a better fit.)


(TL: Original name text)

My name is Rudeus Greyrait.

The eldest son in the Greyrait's family.

Even though I was named Rudeus, my parents always used the first name, and even shortened my name to Rudei, so I only got to know my full name after a very long time.

[Ara ara, Rudei really likes books.]

Janis always laughed and said, because I often carry a book to walk around.

They didn't criticized me and take the book away.

Even during meals I placed the book under my arms. It's just that, I don't read magic books in front of my family.

It's not to hide myself, it's just that I don't know where Magic lies.

In my past world, the western reconnaissance era had prosecuted witches.

And treated them as abnormal beings and burned them.

Even though there was usage of magic books in this world, Magic probably wouldn't be considered as abnormal, but it might not be recognized either.

Maybe only magic can be usded when you're an adult.

Since you might faint if you overused it.

It might be treated as a detriment to growth.

So, I decided to keep it from my family about magic.

But it might have already been divulged when I shot magic outside the window.

There was no choice, I wanted to test the speed of how fast I can shoot.

The maid (I think her name is Lilia) occasionally used a dangerous expression in her eyes to look at me, but my parents still maintained a happy-go-lucky expression, so I felt it was still okay.

Even if I'm stopped it can't be helped, but I don't wish to miss the growth period.

Talent will rust if can't be trained during the growth period.

It's an absolute must to train during this time.


And yet the secret training still ended up ending.

A certain afternoon.

My mana capacity has grown quite a lot, I started to try out middle classed level magic, with the attitude of just trying out the Water Cannon with voiceless incantation.

Size: 1, Speed 0.

I just wanted to do it like before and shoot it into the water barrel to contain water.

I just thought it will end up overflowing it at most.

But unexpectedly, what came out was a huge pillar of water, and smashed the wall with a big hole in it.

I was unable to think of what to do due to my shock.

A hole in the wall, will definitely reveal that I used magic.

This was something that I can't do anything about.

I quickly gave up.

[What happened!! Whoa........]

At first it was Paul who rushed in.

And then, staring at the wall with his mouth agape.

[This, hey, what.......... Rudei, are you alright......?]

Paul was a nice guy like this.

No matter how you look at it, it was done by me, but he was only concerned about my body.

Even now he's mumbling [Monsters......? But this vicinity.....] and stuff like that, while cautiously looking around at the surroundings.

[Ara ara.....]

And soon Janis entered the room.

She was much more calmer than Father.

After looking at the ruined wall and the pool of water on the ground,


Her eyes stopped on the page of the magic guide bookk where I last turned.

After looking at me and the magic guide book, she stood in front of me, and looked gently into my eyes.


There was no smile in her eyes.

I kept focusing my eyes on Janis.

I learned something when I was a neet, when you did something wrong, a stubborn attitude will only make things worse.

Therefore, I can't avoid her eyes.

At this moment a sincere attitude was needed.

Not to avoid the person's eyes, face to face, and just by doing that, you will appear to be sincere.

It doesn't matter what you think, at least you appear to be sincere.

[Rudei, did you follow the magic guide book and read it out?]

[I'm sorry.]

I nodded, and apologized.

When something wrong was done wrongly, just freely apologizing was better.

After all only me and no one else could have done this.

Lying and immediately being seen through will only let the trust towards me decline.

In the past I lied freely, and lost trust at the end.

I will not make the same mistake again.

[Oi, that's middle level......]

[Kyaa! Did you hear that darling!! It's true that our child is a genius!!]

Paul's suspicion was covered by Janis's scream.

She grabbed Paul's both hands, and happily jumped out.

How energetic.

Was my apology ignored?

[That's not right, dear*, we hadn't taught him how to read.....] (TL: Not to sure how to TL omae into English, so I'll just use dear.)

[Quickly go hire a home tutor now!! This child will become a remarkable magician in the future!!]

Paul was still troubled by it, while Janis was over the moon.

Looks like Janis was exuberant over the fact that I used magic.

It seemed that I was over thought the fact on children shouldn't be using magic.

Lilia didn't show any signs of surprise and quietly cleaned the room.

I'm afraid this maid already knew I was using magic, or she already felt that I was somehow doing it.

Perhaps she didn't think it was a bad thing, so it didn't went into her heart.

Or, she only seemed to note my parents' happy expressions.

[Darling, go out to Roa and make a hiring note!! Talent must be properly cultivated!!]

Janis happily shouted about genius something talent something.

Suddenly using magic was considered a talent?

Was it my parents' biased opinions or the fact that using middle class magic was considered to be amazing, I was unable to judge that.

No, perhaps it was really my parents biased opinions.

I had never used magic in front of Janis.

But she said [[It's true]], she already thought I was a genius.

There was no proof.......

Ah, no.

I suddenly remembered.

Because I always liked to be alone.

When I was reading, I will occasionally read or repeat phrases that I liked

When I came to this world, I will mumble to myself while reading.

At first it was Japanese, but when I learned how to talk, I will subconsciously use this world's language.

And then, when I mumbled to myself, Janis will say to me[Rudei, tha is-----] and tell me the meaning of the vocabulary.

Because of her, I remembered quite a lot of this world's fixed names, well, never mind about this.

Even though I said nothing much, but I learned the letters of this world by myself.

My parents didn't even teach me how to talk.

From my parents POV [[Our child can read words that has never been taught to him, and read out the contents of the book]] and see it that way.

That's definitely a genius.

If it's my child I will also think that he's a genius.

In the past, it was the same when my younger brother was born.

He grew up fast, did anything faster than me and my older brother.

Talking, walking on his own feet.

My parents are also optimistic, every time their child did something, they will say [That child might just be a genius] even if the thing wasn't very big.

Well, even though I'm a loser neet who stopped at high school, my mentality is already over 30.

If I don't even have that, how should I live on.

That's over 10 times of a 3 years old!!

[Darling, a tutor!! We can definitely find a suitable Magician teacher in Roa city!!]

And then, to properly educate someone with talent, no matter whichever parents, they would have the same thoughts.

My former life parents' praised my younger brother's talent, and let him learn various things.

So Janis suggested to hire a magician to be the home tutor.

But Paul objected to it.

[Wait, wasn't it decided if it's a boy, we will let him become a swordsman?]

If it's a guy, he will take up a sword, if it's a girl she will learn magic.

It seemed to have been decided before I was born.

[But, he can activate Middle class level magic at this age!! If he trains now he will become a remarkable magician!!]

[But a promise is a promise!!]

[What promise!! You always break your promises!!]

[My things have nothing to with this now right!!]

A couple's quarreling started right here.

Lilia was still quietly clearning up the room.

[Let him learn magic in the morning, and let him learn sword fighting in the afternoon, is that fine?]

After the quarrel persisted for a while, and after Lilia's finished cleaning, she signed and gave that suggestion, the quarrel ended.

Well then, the baka parents didn't consider what the child wanted, and forced learning onto me.

Oh well, since I decided I wanted to live on with a serious attitude, this was considered a good thing.


With the above reasons, our house decided to hire a home tutor.

It seems that the tutor for a noble's children income isn't bad.

Paul was a knight that wasn't common in this area, and he still had the status as a lower-classed noble, and therefore he had an income suitable for him.

But, since this was a village area far away from the capital.

Therefore this area had the same conforming personnel suited to this area, don't mention about having talented people, even a magician was considered to be rare.

Just relying on the Magician's association and the adventurer's guild, will there be anyone who will apply for the job.......

Even there was such a worry, surprisingly someone was found quickly, and will come in tomorrow.

This village had no inn, so it also encompassed living quarters.

According to my parents' prediction, it was probably a retired adventurer.

Young people wouldn't come to this rural area, and a court magician will find work at the capital easily.

In this world, only magicians with Advanced level grade can be qualified to be a Magician's teacher.

So an adventurer was around the level of Middle level and above.

Therefore the person who will come in will probably a elderly person or middle aged person, keeping a long beard, and giving off a proper magician-like impression.

[I am Roxy. Please give me your guidiance.]

But, contrary to expectations, it was a young girl.

Around junior high.

Wearing a brown magician's robe, having a water-colored like hair with sesame flower petals, appearance to be a dainty person.

The sunless skin accompanied with half-opened eyes, filled with a little bored and sleepy expression. The corners of her lips made people felt she was a little cold. Even though she didn't wear spectacles, she fulfilled the image of a studious girl always working in the library.

One hand carried a bag, while the other was holding a long staff that a Magician might used.

And thus she met with the 3 of us in this house.



This was to be expected.

It was out of our predictions.

In our imagination, as a tutor, it would have been someone who had weathered many years.

But the person who came was a little fellow like this.

Although to someone who had played a lot of games, a loli-like magician wasn't something amazing.

Loli, half opened eyes, not cute (cold).

Having these 3 qualities she's just perfect.

Please be my wife.

[Ah, ah, you're, that, home tutor?]

[Ah, that's, really---]

With my parents stuttering, I quickly added:

[You're really small]

[I don't want to be said that from you.]

I was immediately refuted.

She looked like she had a complex about this.

Even though I wasn't pointing to the chest.

Roxy sighed.

[Hah. Well, where is the student I'm supposed to teach?]

She looked around the surroundings while asking.

[Ah, it's this kid.]

Janis introduced the me who was in her arms.

I gave her a wink. (TL: キャピっとウインク What the heck is this.)

In the end, she widened her eyes, then sighed.

[Hah. Occasionally it happens huh, children who grow somewhat faster, and baka parents who think he has talent.]

She quietly grumbled.

I heard that!! Roxy-san!!

Well, although I can't agree more.

[What is it?]

[Nothing. But, I think your child don't understand the concept of Magic right?]

[No problem, our Rudei-chan is very talented!!]

Janis said something like what Baka parents would say.

Roxy sighed again.

[Hah. I understand. I'll try my best.]

She judged it was probably useless to say anything else.

With that, it was decided that I will accept Roxy's classes in the morning, and to learn sword fighting from Paul in the afternoon.


[Well, let's start from the Magic guide book...... No, before that, let's test how much magic Rudei can use.]

The first lesson, Roxy brought me into the courtyard.

Magic was mainly done in the outdoors.

She also understood the results of what will happen if magic is used in the house.

So she wouldn't do something like breaking walls which I did.

[Let me demonstrate. Bestow the protection of water to the place where thou demands, let the crystal clear flow appear towards here, 『WATER BALL.』]

At the same time where Roxy chanting, there was a basketball-sized water ball.

And it flew to one of the trees at high speed.


The branches were easily broken, and the water ball wetted the fence.

Size: 3, speed about 4.

[How's that?]

[Yes. That tree is carefully cultivated by my mother, I think my mother will be angry.]

[EH? Is it like that!?]

[I'm very certain.]

There was once, when Paul swung his sword and cut the branches, the fury that Janis had wasn't just the normal scariness.

[This is really bad, think of something.....!!]

Roxy quickly ran to the tree, and picked up the fallen branches.

She held out the branches with her face red,

[Ooooh,  Let the power of God be converted into a bountiful crop, and bestowed into one's who had lost their strength to stand up once again, 『HEALING』]

The branches went back to how they were before.


[Sensei can also use healing magic!!]

[Eh, yeah. I have no problems up to middle level.]

[Amazing!! That's amazing!!]

[No, if you train properly anyone can do things to that extent.]

Even though her response was somewhat curt, the corners on her lips betrayed her by curling upwards, and her nose seemed to move slightly in pride. She looks quite happy.

I only shouted "amazing" twice and she's already this happy, that's really too easy.

[Then, Rudei, try that.]


I raised my hand.......

Oops, I didn't use a chanting water ball for nearly a year, I couldn't remember it.

Try out what Roxy just said, mmm, that.

[Excuse me, how did you say that?]

[Bestow the protection of water to the place where thou demands, let the crystal clear flow appear towards here.] (TL: Oh my god, even I had to copy/paste what I wrote. Please no more chant words.)

Roxy replied indifferently. Was this situation in your expectations?

But, even if you replied so indifferently, I can't remember it in one try.

[To the place where thou demands....... WATER BALL]

I really can't remember it, so I just simply shortened it.

Compared to Roxy's water bullet, it's a little smaller and slower.

If I did it better than her, she might make a fuss.

I'm very generous to young girls.

A basketball sized watter bullet flew out.

The tree went "crrrack" in response and fell over.

Roxy looked at me with a complicated face.

[You shortened the chant?]


Was there something bad?

Come to think of it, the guide book basically never recorded any ways on how to do voiceless incantations.

Even though I usually used it, could it be that I had did something forbidden.

Or was it, that she thought I was 10 years too early to use voiceless incantation and got angry......

Under that scenario, was it better if I refute by saying [So what about it, who would want to use use such a lame chant?].

[Do you usually shorten your chant?]

[Usually...... I use voiceless incantation.]

I didn't know how to reply to that, so I just said the truth.

It would be revealed sooner or later if I took her class.

[Voiceless incantation!?]

Roxy widened her eyes as if to suspect me.

[...... Is that so. You usually use voiceless incantation. I see. Do you feel tired?]

But, she immediately returned to how she looked.

[Indeed, I have no problems.]

[Is that so. There's nothing to criticize on the size and strength of the water bullet]

[Thank you for your compliment.]

Roxy finally showed a small smile.

A very small one.

Then muttered to herself.

[...... Looks like there's some worth to educating, hmm.]

Like I said already, I heard what you just said.


A scream rang up in my back.

Janis who came over here to check on the situation.

The drinks on the tray which she was carrying fell onto the ground, her hands covered on her mouth, staring at the broken tree branches.

A face of full of sorrow.

And in that instant, fury covered that expression.

Ah, uhoh.

Janis strided over, and came in front of Roxy.

[Miss Roxy!! Will you!! Not treat our home as your place to experiment with magic!!]

[Eh! But this was done by Rudei......]

[Even if it's done by Rudei, you were the one who let him do this!!]

Roxy acted as if she was struck by lightning, received a great shock, and lowered her head.

Well, you can't push the blame to a 3 years old kid.

[Yes...... You're right.]

[I hope this never happens again!!!]

[Yes, I'm very sorry, madam......]

After that, Janis use healing magic and magnificently repair the tree and went back into the house.

[To think I made a mistake so quickly..........]


[Haha, I might be fired tomorrow.]

Roxy sat on the ground and started to draw [[の]] with her finger.

She really couldn't take any shock.

I patted her shoulder.



Even thought I patted her shoulder, but I haven't communicated with someone properly for the past 20 years, and I had no idea how to console her.

Excuse me, what could I say during this time.......

No, calm down.

Think over it carefully, what would a protagonist in a Ero-game say during this kind of situations?

Mmmhmm, something like this.

[Sensei isn't wrong.]

[Ru, Rudei?]

[You're accumulating experience.]

Roxy stared at me.

[T, true. Thank you.]

[No problem. Then, let's continue with the lesson.]

With that, I had a good relationship with Roxy.


Afternoon was training with Paul.

Since there's no wooden sword that suited my body size, so basically it's basic training for the body.

Slow running, push ups, sit ups.

Paul's plan was to let me do body activities.

Even though there are some days that Paul had work to do and was unable to train me, basic body training was something that cannot be missed.

This was the same in whichever world.

I'll try my best.

As a child, the physical body couldn't last the entire afternoon, so sword classes ended around 2 pm+.

So, before evening meals, I'll spend my magic till my limits.

Magic will expend different amounts of mana with the changing of [Size].

If the default size is 1 for voiceless incantations, anything that was bigger and additionally so, the amount of mana used would increase as well.

The law of conservation of mass.

But, the opposite of that, the smaller it is, the amount of mana used will also increase.

I really don't understand the logic.

Creating a single droplet of water used much more mana than creating a fist sized water bullet.

That's really strange.

I queried Roxy with this question that I always had, but I only received the reply of [It is simply so.].

It seemed that's a question that had not been answered.

Even though I don't understand the logic, but this wasn't cosnidered bad in terms of training.

The amount of mana had increased quite a bit recently, so if I don't use some big magic spell I can't spend it all.

Just trying to finish of my mana, I had to pour everything out before I got tired.

But, it's tiime to try training my reaction,

Thus, I decided to do very delicate works.

Use magic to accomplish something complicated, small and delicate.

For example, The creation of an ice statue, or liting a fire on finger tips and writing words on the board.

Taking the soil from the courtyard and separating them.

Opening a lock and closing it.

Earth magic had some influence towards things that had metallic or mineralisation quality.

But, the more if it's comprised of a metallic quality, the more mana had to be used.

Working against something the smalle it is, the lighter the action it is, the more complicated, the more accurate and efficient it is, the more mana had to be expended.

Throwing a baseball with all your strength.

Slowly leading a thread to pierce through the needle of a hole.

The amount of mana expended was roughly the same.

Also, I tried different types of magic at the same time.

Compared to using the same type of magic, I needed to use at least 3 times more mana.

So, if I activated 2 types of magic, lightly, accurately and quickly activate it all at the same time, I can easily finish all my mana.

With this type of training everyday------

I can't finish my mana even if I use it for more than half a day now.

This should be enough, my heart started to waver.

My lazy bone in me started to tell me that this should be enough.

Every time, I yelled and scolded myself.

Training the muscles was also the same, once I got lazy, my body will slow down.

Mana could possibly be the same. Just because of I had some increase in capacity I musn't stop training.


When I was at night using magic, I could hear some Rawr rawr Nyan nyan noises that irritated me.

Where was what? Do you even need to ask, it's obviously Paul and Janis room.

Busy working, hmph.

Maybe in the not so distant future, my younger brother or sister might be born soon.

I think it's best to have a sister.

Yup, I don't want a younger brother.

In my memory the image of, my younger brother using a baseball bat to hit my computer with everything he had, still remained.

I don't want a younger brother.

A cute sister is better.

In my past life, if I hear something so irritating, I will immediately bang on the wall and floor to make them quiet.

So my older sister never brought a guy back again.

Such nostalgia.

At that time, I always thought people who did that were painting my world black with evil.

I always thought they were bullies who mocked me who couldn't reach that place with my hands, so I always had some rage within me that I couldn't vent.

And those who pushed me there, why are you still there?

There's nothing more humiliating.

But, I changed my thinking recently.

I'm not sure if it's because my body was a kid, or because it was my parents, or I was working hard for my future.

I could take a position of support and toleration listening to them two.

Hmph, I'm also an adult......

Just listening to the sounds, I can more or less guess the content.

It seemed, that paul was very good at this.

Janis would surrender after a while, but Paul would say something like [It's still early~], and keep on attacking.

Just like a protagonist in some sexual assault ero-game.

Unspeakable amount stamina.....

Hah, maybe as the son of Paul, I also have that kind of energy!?



Grant me the pink colored beginning!!

Well that energetic thought was somewhat abated, so I can calmly go to the toilet while passing through that Rawr Rawr nyan nyan corridor.

Just so you know, everytime I pass through their rooms, the RawrNyan sounds would stop, it was quite interesting after all.

That day, to show off the presence their son was around, I walked to the toilet.

Well then, should I greet them today?

Pops, Mumsies, what are you doing nekkid? And ask them this way.

Gwehehe. I'm expectant to know what their excuses are.

But there was another guest there already.

The blue haired girl was squatting in the dark, peeking into the door's gap into the room.

Her face was flushed, and she was holding down on her quickened breath, but her eyes were glued to the inner rooms.

I could see her hands doing something inviting beneath the robe.

I quietly went back to my room.

Roxy was a growing girl.

I was generous enough to pretend not to notice this to see her obsessed over this kind of thing.

...... Just kidding.

Arara, I saw something good. (TL: A perverted 3 years old. I sense a disturbance in the force.)


After 4 months later. I was able to use all of the middle class magic.

So, I started learning night classes from Roxy.

Don't misunderstand, there's nothing "funny" about these night classes.

The contents of the classes are mixed.

Roxy was a good teacher.

She doesn't stick too closely to her teaching plans.

But based on my abilities to comprehend things and teach me based on that.

The capability to react to the student was very high.

She prepared a question from her notes to let me answer, and if I got it correctly she would move on to her next one.

If I didn't understand, she would teach me patiently.

Just like that, I felt my world broadened.

In my past life, before my older brother went for his exams, there was a time where a home tutor was hired.

I had joined in on a whim.

But, it wasn't any different from what was thought in school

Compared to that, Roxy's classes were interesting and easy to understand.

A class that answered any question.

Also with that, it was an individual who was in junior high school teaching me.

That kind of scenario was too good.

If it's the past me, just thinking about this delusion was able to let me onani 3 times. (TL: And all that cool moments from Rudei are being polluted by this pervertedness.)

[Sensei, why is magic only used in combats?]

[It wasn't only used in combat actually......]

Roxy would always answer seriously to my abrupt questions.

[Hmm, indeed, where should I begin....... First of all, Magic, is said to have come from the a long eared elder race (High elves).]

WHOA, elves!!

Do they really exist!!

Golden hair, green clothes, carrying a bow and always get bound by tentacles!! (TL: WUT?)

Arara, calm down, calm down.

This was possibly different from what I know.......

Even though from the words, these are people with very long ears......

[Elves are?]

[Hmm, long ears are situated somewhere in the north at the Meris continent (ミリス大陸).]

According to Roxy's description,

A very long time ago, before the war between humans and magic beings, when the world was still under chaos, and wars broke out everywhere, High elves were able to communicate with the forest spirits, wielding the earth and wind to fight the invaders.  It was said that was the world's oldest magic.

[Oh, it is recorded down.]

[Of course.]

Roxy nodded.

[The current magic is the human race imitating the High elves' magic, and is the product of changing things. The humans are especially good at such things.]

[The human race is very good at such things?]

[Yes, the human race is always the one creating new things.]

The human race seem to like to create new things.

[The reason why magic is used only in combat, it's because magic is only basically used in fights. Even if you don't rely on magic, using things around us can only also achieve the same thing.]

[The things around us refer to?]

[Example if you need a light, you can use a candle or oil right?]

I see, that's something very common.

Compared to using magic, using a tool was definitely simpler. (TL: You know what, sometimes I'm not sure how whether it's better to use present tense when describing a continuous action or scenario. Using a tool is definitely simpler or was? Any experts on story editing want to clear things up? Well for now, I'll just stick to past tense whenever I see something. Except when I fail to turn it into past tense, it happens sometimes.)

That's kind of logical.

Even though, if it's voiceless incantation it is still simpler than using a tool.

[Also, not every type of magic is suited for combat. For example, summoning magic, you can call out a similarly leveled magic beast or spirits.]

[Summoning magic!! Can you teach me some day?]

[No, I have not used it either. Also, amongst the tools there are magic items as well.]

Magic items.

I can imagine it basically from the wordings.

[Magic items are?]

[Items that contain a special effect. The inner portion are inscribed with a Magic formation, so even if it's not a magician one can use it. But, this magic items require expending a lot of mana.]

[I see.]

Basically as I imagined.

Come to think of it, it's a pity that Roxy can't use summoning magic.

Attack magic and healing magic concepts can still be understood, but I have no idea how summoning magic worked.

Also, there were a lot of vocabulary that suddenly appeared.

Human-magical race war, familiars, spirits......

[Sensei, what's the difference between magic beasts and magic creatures?]

[Not much difference.]

Basically magic creatures are creatures that experienced some changes.

And once magical creatures increased in number by luck, and become a race, after generations they would possess a certain amount of intelligence, and become a magical beast.

It's just that, even if they possessed intelligence, if they attacked the human race they are still called magical creatures.

In retrospect, magical beasts that became vicious over generations, there were examples where they reverted back to magical creatures.

Theare are no clear lines.

Magical creatures = Attack humans.

Magical beasts = Don't attack humans.

This line of thinking should be fine.

[That is to say, the magic race (魔族) are evolved from magical creatures?]

[Not at all. the magic race have been termed long during the human-demon war.]

[It's that human-demon war that was just mentioned?]

[Yes. The first war was about 7000 years ago.]

[That is certainly a very long time ago.]

This world's history was actually that long.

[That's not considered very long. Up to 400 years ago, humans were still fighting. From 7000 ago they continued to fight each other, humans and the magic race.]

I thought 400 years was considered a long time, it actually persisted for nearly 7000 years.

Was the relationship that bad.

[Hah, I see. So in conclusion what does the magic race point to?] (TL: The thing about the kanji for 魔 is that it can be seen as a composite for "magic" or "demon". You can see it as "magic race" but 魔族 usually points to the pointy horned demons.)

[To define the magic race is quite troublesome......

If it's really necessary, [[The races that stood on the side of the magic race during the previous war]] should be the easiest to understand.

Of course, there are some exceptions. ]

[Ah, to add on, I'm also from the magic race.]

[Oh, I see.]

A magical being was here as a home tutor.

Did it mean that there was no ongoing war now?

It's the best we are at peace.

[Yes. To formally state it, it's the magical continent Bigoya area, Migurd's race (ビエゴヤ地方のミグルド族). Didn't Rudei's parents looked shocked when they saw me?]

[I thought the reason was Sensei's looked small.]

[I'm not small.]

Roxy rebutted me. She looked like she took this thing very seriously.

[They became shocked when they saw my hair.]


I thought it was a pretty blue hair.

[The normal rumor is that the closer the magical's race hair is to green, the more violent and dangerous it is. Especially when my hair looks like it is green based from different lighting.....]


Was that this world's warning color.

Roxy's hair was a pretty green that made people eyes wake up.

She played with her fringe as she explained.

Her actions were really cute.

If there were blue hair in Japan, it must be a punk or oba-chan (old lady).

No matter which type it was, that unnatural feel made me feel disgusted.

But, Roxy's hair didn't had that unnatural unfeeling and didn't made me disgusted.

It could be said, that it suited Roxy's sleepy expressions.

If she was a female lead in an ero-game, she was definitely very suited to be conquered first.

[Roxy's hair is really pretty.]

[...... Thank you for the compliment. But, you should leave that kind of talk to a girl you like in the future.]

[But I like Sensei.]

I said without hesitation.

I'm not a person who hesitates.

I'll express my love to all the cute girls.

[Right. If you haven't changed your thoughts 10+ years later we will talk about it again.]

[Okay, Sensei.]

Even though it was reflected lightly, but Roxy's slightly happy expression was not missed by me.

Even though I don't know how much a good guy's training in Ero-game can be used to what extent in this different world.

But, it can't be said to be completely meaningless.

Something like this dokidoki line (TL: doki = heartbeat) might be a clichéd joke in Japan, but it might be a fiery trail to a romantic love.

Yup, what the heck am I talking about?

Roxy's cute and H, if I can just raise a flag.

But the age difference is quite big.

What's going to happen in the future?

[Going back to that topic, the more brighter it is the more dangerous it is, is a complete superstition.]

[Ah, it's all superstition.]

I really thought it was a warning color.

[Yes, the Supard race from Babinos's area, is a green haired race, and they committed a lot of atrocities during the war 400 years ago, that is why they have this rumor. Therefore, it has really nothing to do with hair color.]

[Many atrocities?]

[Yes. During the 10+ years war, their crimes made both parties feel fear and hatred. Their race is very dangerous, and after the war they were prosecuted and chased out of the magical continent.]

Chased out after the war ended?

That's amazing.

[Are they really that hated.....]

[It is simply so.]

[What did they do?]

[Well this, I only roughly...... it's just that, I only heard this childhood stuff during a child, I heard they attacked a friendly location on the magical race's side, killed all the women and children, or annihilating every single enemy and then killing their allies. Stories on how if you don't sleep at night, Supard's race will eat you up, and things like that.]

Shimaachau oji-san? (TL: Some childhood anime bonobono, a character from protagonist's delusions. As noted by the Chinese TL.)

[Migurd's race is a race that's similar to Supard's race, so they were also implicated in the past. Even though your parents will tell you this sooner or later........]

[Remember this.]

Roxy emphasized.

[If you see a race that has emerald haird and a ruby like stone on the forehead, don't approach them. Even if you have no choice but to talk to them, you must not anger them.]

Emerald hair, ruby stone on the forehead.

This seemed to be Supard's race special trait.

[What happens if you anger them?]

[He might kill your entire family.]

[Emerald colored hair and ruby stone on the forehead right?]

[Yes, the thing on their forehead can see the movements of Mana, it's their 3rd eye.]

[It can't be that there are only women in the Supard's race?]

[Eh? No? There are men too?]

[Will the stone change into blue after doing something?]

[Huh? N-no? At least I have never heard of that before.]

What the heck are you saying? Roxy tilted her head, confused.

I just wanted to ask for my own satisfaction. (TL: .... It's from the Alicesoft's series, but I'm not fond of the kichiku stuff they make. I strongly disapprove of characters like Rance typically in VNs.)

[But that kind of trait is easily recognized right?]

[Yes. If you see them, immediately fake something like "I need to go right now" and avoid them. Suddenly running away might anger them.]

Like running away from some delinquent, will make them chase after you.

I had such an experience.

[Based on the things you told me, it will be fine if you respect them?]

[I think it's fine if you don't insult them openly. It's just that, there are many differences between the Human and Magic race's common sense, you might make them angry over some stuff. It's best not to use snide remarks.]


They seemed to be easily provoked.

But, saying that we're being hurt, it's better to say that we're afraid.

That feeling of, oh that guy is going to be scary when he's angry, it's best to avoid him, something like that.

Scary, scary.

I don't think I can reincarnate after being killed again.

Best to avoid them with everything.

Supard's race, don't mess with them.

I carved it into my heart.


The magic classes progressed smoothly.

Recently I could use all the advanced magic.

Of course it's voiceless incantations.

Compared to the usual training I had, it's easy as picking my nose when using the advanced magic.

Plus, the advanced magic are mostly AOE, using them felt like very restrictive.

Raining over a large area, what can I do with it?

I actually had this thought, but it seemed that Roxy caused things to rain when she came here, and received praised for it.

I heard this from Paul when I stayed at home.

Besides this, Roxy received multiple requests from the villagers, and used magic to solve various problems.

[I found a large rock when I was turning the soil, please help me Rokaemon!] (TL: Doraemon. Roxy + Doraemon = Rokaemon.)

[Leave it to me, ドン○ラコー] (TL: I did my own searching, but I am also unable to find what this means. Chinese TL has no idea too.)

[What magic is that?]

[This magic wets the soil around the rock, and then I'll change it to mud with the earth magic, making it a combination magic.]

[Woah, that's incredible, the rock is sinking!!!]


That kind of feeling!! (probably)

[As expected of Sensei. You're helping others.]

[Helping others? No. This is earning pocket money.]

[You're charging?]

[Of course.]

What a cheapskate!

Even though I was thinking of that, but it seemed normal to the villagers.

Because no one else can do this in the village, so they kept praising Roxy.

Give and take. (TL: Japanese katakana of the words give and take.)

It's my perception that's wrong.

Helping others without compensation is a must.

This is the feeling of a Japanese. (TL: I actually think that feeling is applicable anywhere though...)

The norm is to charge money for it.

This is the norm (to charge money). Common sense.

Well, because I'm a neet, don't even talk about helping other less fortunate people, I'm treated as a troubled person by my family.



One random day, I asked.

[Should I call Sensei as shishou?] (TL: Don't ask me what's the difference. No idea.)

In the end, Roxy showed a look of disgust.

[No, you will most likely easily surpass me, it's best not to call me that.]

It seemd like I had the potential to surpass Roxy.

I felt a little embarassed when I got praised like that.

[You wouldn't call someone who's weaker than you Shishou right?]

[Not at all.]

[I hate that. Someone who's better than me calling me Shishou, isn't that embarasssing yourself?]

Is that the case?

[Is it because Sensei is stronger than Sensei's teacher you say that?]

[Listen to me, Rudei. Shishou this thing, is someone who can't teach you anything more but still wants things to be done from you ----- This troublesome existence.]

[But, Roxy won't do that right?]

[Perhaps I will.]

[Even if that's the case, I will still respect you.]

Even if it's Roxy who takes up an attitude to ask me to do things.

I will still smile and respect her.

[No, I might be jealous of my student's potential and say something ugly.]

[Such as?]

[A mere dirty magical denizen, or something like that, shouldn't go that village, etc.]

Were you criticized like that?

Poor thing.

Discrimination is a bad thing.

But, the employer and the employee relationship had always been this way. (TL: Superiors and underlings, alternate TL?)

[That's okay, it's just a little thing.]

[Just because the age is a little bigger doesn't mean it's totally okay!! A teacher student relationship without a certain strength will make each other unhappy!!]

I was cut off.

It seemed that her relationship with her teacher was far worse than I imagined.

Because of that, I never called Roxy Shishou.

But, in my heart I decided to always call her that.

This girl who still retained a little childishness taught me many things that a book could not teach me.
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