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Hi! This is a group for everyone and anyone who loves visual novel games. It's still a fledgling group, so expect more revisions and additions in the future.

What's a visual novel?
A VN (sometimes called ADV, or adventure) is a text-based game. It's basically a novel with pretty CG art and amazing seiyuu voice actors who read the lines for the characters.

There are published VNs for PC/PS2/PSP/DS/etc. as well as doujin VNs based on fandom. Original VNs are also produced.


Who is this club for?
-Anyone who likes VNs.
-Anyone who is making a VN.

What is this club NOT for?
-Any art that is a blatant copy/trace of an existing artwork.
-Fanart of random anime/manga/etc. unrelated to VNs. Anime/manga based off of VNs are okay. (This doesn't go the other way, because if it did, we'd include ALL fandom, which is not the point of this club!)
-Getting popular. Please do not spam your entire gallery to "get more exposure." That is not the purpose of this club!
-Trolls and drama-makers.

So, how do I join as a member?
This group now has open membership. Simply click the join button above!

How do I contribute art to the group?
Please take a look at the guidelines here!


-Monthly featured VNs?
-User VN creation tool introductions?
-Amazing VN reviews?
-Japanese translation/help/commonly used phrases?

Note the group! ^___^


* [Visual Novel Development Tools]
* [LIST: Published/Doujin VNs]
* [LIST: Original VNs by dA Users]
* [LIST: VN Blog Entries]


Random from Favourites


During January and February, I had my fill of reading Chinese webnovels and even playing a few Chinese games (the Wuxia/Martial arts genre), I'll say that I'm super pleased for reading so much (probably ten million words+?), but at the same time I neglected drawing and reading VN-related stuff.


So recently I re-read the deviantart's policy on adult content again, and I found out that you can't link to any website that hosts pornographic content, meaning VNDB or mangagamer will not be acceptable by definition. So what does this mean? Well... it looks like I have to change my previous journal posts (one by one) and then place it into my wordpress blog (which I have not been using for some time now.) which might not happen any time soon...

This means that my blog links wouldn't contain any "pornographic/adult" stuff that DA wouldn't allow -_-|||| , but it will have links to mangagamer/vndb. In this way, I won't break any rules.

Link to the blog with links and images

Wolfie's blog

Let's see... the visual novels that caught my eye are...

No Thank you (Eng/JPN, R18 BL, available on 27/02/2015)

- Already pre-ordered, will play and inform on VN's quality soon.
- If you don't understand what is BL, it's best that you don't find out...

Nekopara (R18 eroge/All-ages, Available in Eng/Chn/JPN)


- A visual novel about cat girls, I think.

Eden (R18 eroge/17+, Eng/JPN)

- Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet, looks like a pretty short VN that's about a few hours long.

EF Fairy tale of the two (R18, Eng/JPN)

- Exceedingly popular, but I hadn't had the chance to watch the anime or play the VN.

If my heart has wings (R18/All ages, Eng/JPN)

- I played a bit of the VN, it appears to be quite high quality.
- Only all ages official version is available (for now?)
- There's the unofficial patch somewhere that adds R18 content back into the all ages version and has some QC on the Engrish in the official version.

PS: I totally encourage people to post comments about upcoming visual novels so people will know about it.
Company: Rejet
Game Name: Dot Kareshi -We're 8bit Lovers- II
Genre: Otome
Time taken: 3 hours?
Language: Japanese, Chinese patch
Original company website:…

Overall feelings to the game: Many minus-es to the sequel. The exact same plot to the first game, reused music, graphics and etc.

Note: "Tilt" means that you have played this game before and there will be marks taken off of the score because of reused graphics/plot.

Plot + written dialogue: 8/10 (-2.0 marks tilt). Plot is exactly the same as the first game, dialogue-wise not as sharp as the first game.

Graphics: 8.0/10 (-1.5 marks). The palette and character design scheme is weaker than the first game.

System: 7.5/10. Some utility functions here and there.

Sound: 3.5/5 Music, 4.5/5 seiyuu. It has been a while so I can't remember if the music has been reused. Some minor gripes on dancer seiyuu's voice being a little soft in a few lines.

Characters: 7/10. A much weaker cast compared to the first game. A TSUNdere kid, Do-M (extreme M) Ossan, perverted monk, dancer obsessed with dancing.


You, girl (or boy), play as the female protagonist that has committed the sacrilege of playing like a n00b in a computer RPG, turning the heroes in the game to become twisted people.

Somehow or rather, the G0d or comput3r b|_|g in the game caused you to world slip into the game itself. The heroes swarm all over you to complain about the treatment they had under your hands.    


Here we go again!

Is what I want to write, but to be honest I can't really recall the first review I wrote before. All I know is the plot progresses in the same exact fashion as the first one, and that's a huge minus to me. I guess this means that the limitation for the same exact plot is 3-4 hours or 3-4 characters?

Well, the main idea is to clear a quest for any of the characters, which you will either stay back in the computer world or go back to your real world.

Despite the PWP vibe, the simplistic nature and format of the story allows the characters to shine plenty enough, which is what this is all about, listening to your favorite seiyuu whisper sweet nothings that make you blush furiously with delight.

Unless of course you're a guy like me, then that's all meh talk.

Characters' overview



So we have the TSUNdere-S kid (beast tamer kiddo) who's highly immature. Normally I would prefer highly immature male kids to be paired with a femme fatale (at least to see the kid going around in circles/toyed with for kicks and laughs + punished for being tsun.), or the extremely innocent female protagonist to squeeze every ounce of the dere out during some point of the story, but since the protagonist is made like a doormat due to the format of this series, you can only get one single variant of Kemonotsukai.

In this case of hit and miss, I'm afraid it's more of a miss because you would probably have to fall into a certain spectrum (shota-con + M) to actually like this kid-S.



Do-M Ossan (knight) follows a predictable + linear M route without any surprises to him. Again, you would probably have to fall into a certain spectrum (ossan-con + S) to enjoy his route. Erm, since I don't know much about ossan type (+M) romance, please excuse me for not being an expert on this character (not that I'm an expert on otome games anyway). While one might have some very weak chuckles like a diluted decaf during his route, I'm afraid this character probably isn't very popular amongst the girls. Despite being 25, his ossan vibe is alarmingly high for some reason...



Perverted Monk gave me furrowed brows half (with a grin of disbelief) of the time. His particular quest is to defeat someone in a duel to improve his monk punch. By storing his power a few turns, he will unleash XXX extra damage. This leads to multiple lines of


Before releasing of his powa!

This led to several conjectures.

Constipated? Perverse Ding dong calls? Indirect expression of dirty minded stuff?

It's hard to not to to associate the naughty things with him, precisely because he's the supposed perverted one who nose-bleeds whenever he gets mind/vision stimulated. And yet, he still feels like the most normal individual in the entire group. The reason why he keeps storing his hnnng power is because of the protagonist, and his quirk is only that perverted behavior, which is sort of good, because he has eyes only for you.



Dancer Otaku has the vibe of someone whom you can't take seriously. Because his hobby is just dancing, that sort of limits the spectrum of compatible romances too. You would have to enjoy dancing to sort of be on the same wavelength as him. At best, forgettable character, at its worst, this is the type of character you might find in a manga that's in the classroom furthest away from the protagonist with the title of "rumored male student who can dance really well".


Very simple choices, in fact the game gives you a status screen to check and confirm relationship points, to make it even easier and forgiving to the user.


For comparison,

Game 1 is much better than game 2. Game 2 is better than the R18 ra3p otome games, and is probably better than some of the starry sky games. In terms of enjoyment, it's better than Hakuouki.


Is it worth your time? Unless there's some highly specific aspect on the characters you want to pant listen to, I probably wouldn't put time into it for some small comedy bits.
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